Rental Rules

1.  It is forbidden for the tenant to:

– Driving a car from cabriolets under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
– Carried out any modifications on the vehicle without the consent of the cabriolets
– Used to participate in motor racing events (races, rallies, various competitions, etc.)
– used for the transport of easily flammable, radioactive, toxic and other dangerous substances such as oils, naphtha, gasoline, and the like.
– leased or lent the vehicle to other persons without the consent of the cabriolets
– it is also forbidden to smoke and eat in the vehicle, any damage to the interior is paid by the tenant

2.  Reservations of cabriolets for more than 1 week can only be made in the case of a deposit of CZK 5000. If the vehicle is not picked up at the scheduled time, the refundable deposit will be forfeited in favor of the cabriolet rentals.

3. To extend the rental period at least 24 hours before the end of the contract. If the agreed lease period is not observed, the rental rate will be adjusted according to the valid price list and a contractual fine of CZK 2000 will be charged. The Convertible Bike reserves the right, in exceptional cases, to withdraw from the confirmed order and is not liable for lost profits. The tenant agrees to make a photocopy of personal documents.

4.  The fines made in committing a traffic offense, loss of documents, keys or tools and other accessories from the vehicle are always borne by the tenant.

5.  If the tenant of this agreement is a natural person, the vehicle may only be controlled by the vehicle specified in the contract. If the lessee is a legal person, the vehicle can be managed by persons in employment and meeting the other terms of the contract.

6.  The renter must always lock the vehicle and park the keys with the documents. We recommend parking in guarded car parks, garages, etc.

7.  The tenant is required to take care that the vehicle is not damaged. The necessary repairs during the ride can only be made by a person authorized to do so. When repairing over 500 CZK, ask for instructions from cabriolets. Repair costs are borne by the Cabriolet rental provided that the damage was not caused by the Lessee or by the persons who allowed the vehicle to access the vehicle deliberately or through negligence in operation. Regular maintenance is provided and paid by the cabriolet rental.

8.  The tow truck must be promptly notified to the cabriolet.

9.  The cost of picking up a towing vehicle for poor parking or the cost of removing a trip (shoe) is borne by the tenant in full if he does not release the vehicle himself. During this period, the tenant pays the rental price according to the applicable tariff.

10.  If the lessee fails to notify the reason for the vehicle’s early non-return, he / she will lose entitlement to the discounts provided. The second day after the expiration of the lease agreement, this fact will be reported as a theft to the Czech Police.

10. In the case of long-term lease, the tenant is required to attend regular searches within a specified time.


1.  Immediately report the accident and extent of the damage to the cabriolet rental, but no later than within 24 hours of the accident.

2.  Write all participants and witnesses of the accident, the SS of the car participated in the accident, draw up an accident plan and write down all this in the „Accident Report“ form, which is included in the vehicle.

3.  Damage to the damaged vehicle before further damage or scrapping.

4.  In the event of injury, the injured person must be provided with medical assistance immediately.

5.  In the event of failure to observe these instructions, late or misrepresentation of the accident, the Lessee may be held responsible for all damages and consequences of the accident.


1.    Rental does not include fuel. The Convertible Bureau will give the client a full-tank vehicle and the client is obliged to surrender the vehicle with a full tank. In the event that the renter fails to deliver the vehicle with a full tank, the price for refueling according to current fuel prices will be charged for refueling.

2.    The tenant is only required to refuel Natural 95 gasoline. Natural 98, in the case of refueling other fuel, will pay for repairs, any damage incurred by the lessee.


1.    The daily limit of the climbers is 400 per day, then at an extra charge of CZK 2 for each additional mileage


1.    At the time of the loan, the customer makes a refundable deposit (security deposit) of CZK 5,000 for the payment of the contribution to the accident and the damages not covered by the insurance. Persons, luggage and personal belongings left in the vehicle are not insured.

2.    In the event that the damage was caused by the influence of alcohol or narcotics, or at the time of the accident, a person who is not entitled to drive the rented vehicle in accordance with this contract is the tenant responsible for the full amount of the damage.

3.    The Lessee undertakes to pay the amount of CZK 2000, in the case of loss of documents, in the case of the loss of the keys, the amount of CZK 8,000.

4.    All journeys abroad must be reported to the Cabriolet Rent and ask for consent. In the case of a trip abroad, we will issue to the landlord a confirmation of the rental of the vehicle abroad (in some countries necessarily) and we charge the tenant a one-time fee of CZK 1000, which is charged when the car is returned and withdrawn from the refundable deposit.

5.    The refundable deposit for possible minor damage to the vehicle returns to the customer as soon as the undamaged vehicle is returned to the owner. Vehicles are insured with 5% co-payment.

6.    The tenant is obliged to use the security equipment that the vehicles are equipped with (alarms, steering wheel locks, gear lever locks, etc.).

7.    Fee for return of the polluted car CZK 500, for return of heavily polluted car 2000, – CZK.


The agreement ends with the return of the vehicle back to the owner and the necessary formalities. The Convertible Bike reserves the right to cancel the rental agreement if the Lessee violates the provisions of this agreement.